Question about Tween Site and Contests

Is/How is this a contest? What age group is this for?
Thank You . Mary.

Good questions Mary! Thanks for asking. Not everyone who submits will get their work published or will win prizes. (A contest is when someone wins a prize or wins publication.) Each and every opportunity is slightly different. Guidelines are posted for each one. I asked the editor and she defined Tweens as ages 8 – 12. But she also mentioned that she had found an exceptional teen who she was actually hiring, and the editor intends to have possibilities for teen writers too!

I always encourage all young writers to submit their best work to a number of various publishers. Just like adult writers! If one editor doesn’t have room for it in their magazine/anthology/web site, etc., another one may snap it up and have just the place for it.

As always, read the guidelines very carefully. Good luck and let us know of any success or encouragement you encounter.


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