Writing, Recipe, Art, Photography and Music Talent from Kids Needed!

An editor from Tween World.net contacted me with her fabulous website for tweens. There are numerous ways kids ages 8 – 12 can become involved with their creative passions.

**They can become TweenWorld reporters or photographers
**Write book reviews on featured works
**Submit recipe ideas for “Top Tween Chefs”
** Show their writing, art, music talents in the “Got Talent” dept, which is part of our “American Tween Dreams” promotion
** Show talent in multiple categories on a regular page called “XTreme Tweens.”

This site’s goal is to get tweens engaged and involved as contributors!
Here are a few quick links for examples:


So if you are a teacher, make sure your students know of this fantastic opportunity. If you are a kid – – check it out! The more experience you get creating and publishing will help you perfect your craft and allow you to get a nice list of credits on your publishing resume.

She also said they will be looking for enlarging their site to include teen writers in the future, too. So check their site and this blog for more information.

Don’t forget to let us know when you get published. It’s always fun to rejoice in each other’s successes!


2 Responses to “Writing, Recipe, Art, Photography and Music Talent from Kids Needed!”

  1. MaryAnn Says:

    Is/How is this a contest? What age group is this for?
    Thank You

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