Missing Somone Dear to You

“Did you catch your rat?” asks another walker at our park this morning.
Hilde and I have become famous . . . or infamous . . . for our rat escapade.

Maybe we should put a stake in the ground near his hole with a sign. “Foreclosed.” Or . . . “Change of Address.”

Perhaps we could be more positive and attach the new picture Rat Lady has sent. “Bogey in her new home.” We could cross out her old name and put in her new name. “Little Baby Boo.”

There IS one problem with Little Baby Boo finding a new home. It means that every time we walk by her hole, we have a little twinge of missing her. No more cute white, wiggling rat with a sniffing nose waiting to be fed. . .

Writing Exercise:
1. Make it personal. What or who do you miss? Besides Bogey, I miss deeper relationships, like people who have passed from my life. My mother, my father, aunts, cousins and friends who have died and I long to spend real earth time with again. Write about who you’d choose to see if you could. What would you do? What would you discuss?

2. Write about a character in the short story or book you are working on now. Who does your character miss or long to be with? Write your character’s feelings and create a scene where the character has interacted with this person before.


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