Play the Universe Game

Play the universe game.

Close your eyes. Point to a book on any shelf you have. Open your eyes. Open the book to a random page. Read a random paragraph. How does this apply to your life? To your creative project?

Writing Exercise: Do it all over again. Use this paragraph as a sentence in a story! Can you do it?

Yesterday’s message to me was from a book by Patricia Garfield called Creative Dreaming: The old man presses a root into Footprints’ fist. “Keep this for twenty-one moons,” he says.

New ideas that grow shouldn’t be released too soon.

However, today’s message wasn’t quite so elegant. I pointed to a book by Martha Barnette titled Ladyfingers & Nun’s Tummies: A Lighthearted Look at How Foods got their Names.

My message? . . . in early English literature, such as the seventeenth century text entitled Love’s Cure, which includes the unintentionally memorable line “Your lashed shoulders (covered) with velvet pee.”

I don’t want to begin moralizing that statement.


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