First Class Dogs

Did you hear about the new airlines for pets? Pet Airways will fly an animal between five major cities for $250. “Regular” airlines charge comparable prices to stick your beloved little terrier, cat or parrot in the cargo hold; a noisy, unprotected, unheated and unairconditioned area often filled with dangers.

Pet Airways, now booked solid for two months, will fly animals in the main cabin of a plane lined with animal carriers in place of seats. The passengers will be attended to every fifteen minutes and will be given preboarding walks and potty breaks.

Each airport accomodating Pet Airways now has a “Pet Lounge.” These cities are New York, Washington, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles.

Can’t you see it? Let this news filter into your writing life. Create a piece of fiction using this current events item. You may write a story from the animal’s point of view or from the owner’s point of view. What happens on this trip? Feel free to characterize the animal (or animals) in fun and funny ways!

As an animal lover, I’d love to meet the passengers on this airlines!


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