Most Active Poetry Reading In SF BAY AREA!

On Sunday I attended the most active poetry reading in the San Francisco Bay Area! Would you believe it’s in Crockett? Held on the second Sunday of the month, from 4 – 6 pm at Valona Market, 1323 Pomona Street, and led by Pleasant Hill poet David Alpaugh, the event has been an ongoing creative entertainment and expression for the past seven years.

I was amazed at the number of diverse poets we have in the area. Some performances were of famous dearly departed poets such as Ida Coolbrith. Others were the performer’s own works.

Not everyone in the packed cafe took the stage. Many people, like me, were there to appreciate the poetry and the poets. One man read a poem which felt and sounded like a picture book. I told him so and hope he’ll do something with it.

Some poems had me blinking away tears. Others . . . one about old men playing bocce ball, had me thinking about poetry and metaphor. Some made me smile and outright laugh.

Interested in sparking your own creativity? Join the next reading on July 12. Hope to see you there!


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