Revision Tips

I’m revising a story right now.  One of the questions I get asked when I talk to community groups and schools is how writers can best rewrite their work. Here are a few suggestions that have helped me. 

1.  Put your writing away for awhile.  If you’re too close to it . . . you may love your words too much . . . so you will struggle.  Time is your friend!  Later you’ll see  where you can strengthen your story.

2.  Where are you TELLING instead of SHOWING? 

Does it sound like ANY character is reacting to the situation?  Instead, how would THIS SPECIFIC character react?  Give THIS character a unique personality.

3.  Active verbs will let your story move along instead of zzzzzz…….draaaagging. 

4.  If you have a few people read your story and they all give you the same suggestion, give it a try.  What do you have to lose? 

5.  Read your piece out loud.  My dog is used to me now . . . When SHE yawns, I know I’m in trouble.

6.  Having trouble getting motivated?  Read good writing to WRITE good writing.


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