The format is not the best for the dimensions of this space so apologies to those who are trying to read the school list.  

Last year I sent in the honorable list to the Contra Costa Times but they only printed the main winners due to space constraints.  This year we even have more honorables.  Good for you! 

As one of the sixth grade short story judges, I can say we were most amazed at the quality in this category.  Wow!  You kids know how to write!  Usually sixth grade students aren’t aware that stories have a distinct beginning, middle and an end.  But this stack of manuscripts were so compelling and well-written we nearly dropped off of our chairs as we read them! 

I hear other judges were also impressed with their manuscripts. 

As in other adult contests, we don’t give specific comments or critiques.  But if you come to one of our free workshops we will help you discover ways to make your good stories, poems and essays better and better. 

Congratulations honorables, winners and everyone who entered!  Keep writing! 



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  1. Karen Says:

    A round of applause for all the writers who entered the contest!

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