Contest Entries

Will you send a letter commenting or replying back on everybody else’s entry? When? Lauren

Good question! We have sent ONE letter to each person who entered. So if you entered FIVE pieces you will receive ONE letter. This is a contest, so we don’t provide a critique.

If you entered the contest and didn’t receive a letter, it means that you didn’t fill out a form or if you did we couldn’t read it!

I have a few names that do not have any addresses “attached” to them.

Honorable mentions were mailed to the schools or to the students. (I tried to send them to the schools when possible to save postage.)

Any teacher whose student won 1, 2, or 3 received a letter and an invitation to our banquet on May 9 along with the winning student.

Each student who entered our contest also received a list of what places are interested in publishing student poems, personal experience pieces and short stories. We encourage you to do this!

Students who don’t win our contest STILL can get published other places and win OTHER contests. And if you are in 6 or 7 grades this year, you can enter our contest again next year.

1. If you didn’t win this year, and wonder why, remember that sometimes it’s just the competition and not your work.
2. Take your piece and ask your teacher or a writer what you could do to make it better. Or now that you’ve had some time away from it, maybe you know the answer to this question yourself. We adult writers ALWAYS let time pass by before we submit anything to publishers. Time is our friend. Time helps us see where we can make a story or poem have more sensory details, express more feeling, or make it more compelling to the reader.
3. My advice is to enter the contest AS MANY TIMES AS YOU CAN. Start writing NOW for next April. Really! We’ve discovered that the more you write, the better you get. And often the kids who have more entries have better odds of winning. In our past, we have had kids who have won MORE THAN ONE PRIZE.
4. If you have general writing questions – – go ahead and ask them here! Or attend our FREE writing workshops. Author Sarah Wilson (Susie) and I teach them through the Contra Costa Library system.
5. I’ll give more specific writing tips as time goes on. Stay tuned.


One Response to “Contest Entries”

  1. Fatima Says:

    If a person has won but they had submitted other entries that hadn’t won, would they still get a reply on their other entries?

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