2009 Winners
Sixth Grade
First Place
Augustine Chemparathy
Keeping Your Hand on the Rudder
Gale Ranch: Sara Faidley

Second Place
Stephanie Sloves
When You Wish Upon A Star
Orinda: Sally Thompson

Third Place
Rishi Krishnan
Wednesday Night Fever!
Gale Ranch: Sara Faidley

Seventh Grade
First Place
Carter Broad
Le Tour de Ow
Orinda: Cecilia Kilmartin

Second Place
Caie Kelley
Climbing My Fears
Orinda: Cecilia Kilmartin

Third Place
Fatima Naveed
Two Minutes
WCI: Carol Hoy

Eighth Grade
First Place
Nina Fairbairn
Masi Mara
Dorris-Eaton: Brad Breilein

Second Place
Sebastian Grobelny
The Learning Curve
St. Agnes School: Paula Traynor

Third Place
Arielle Mourrain
The World’s a Stage
Dorris-Eaton: Deenie Schoenfeld

Short Stories
Sixth Grade
First Place
Sarah Sweeney
Joaquin Moraga: Kristin Anderson

Second Place
Zhill Olonan
Blood Shed
Adams Middle: Angie McDonald

Third Place
Rubina Gala
Why Snakes Are Scaly
Gale Ranch: Marissa West

Seventh Grade
First Place
Sean Lee
Windmere Ranch: Kim Vaiana

Second Place
Raia Cherednikov
Valley View: Johanna Ravhala

Third Place
Time to Wait
Sophie Belinn
Orinda: Mary Risso

Eighth Grade
First Place
Aaron Broadbent
Palmer School: Miss Cassie

Second Place
Karishma Pareek
Pine Valley: Sylvia Hegarty

Third Place
B.J. Norcross
Guardian Angel
Delta Vista Middle: Mr. Whitmore


Sixth Grade Poetry
First Place
Chloe Chan
Pine Valley Middle: Robin White

Second Place
Lena Milton
Waiting for the Moon
Tehiyah Day: Richard Lyon

Third Place
Paul Cook
If I Were A Tree
Valley View: Nicole Manasewitcsh

Seventh Grade
First Place
Eleana Binder
Tehiyah Day: Stephanie Piper

Second Place
Jonathan Ng
The Sea Slug
Athenian: Charlie Raymond

Third Place
Gabriella Alvarez
When Cupid Misses
Queen of All Saints: Jeffrey Buhl

Eighth Grade
First Place
Theresa Rizza
WCI: Mary Claire Caron

Second Place
Celina Maiorano
Lady Sea
Pine Valley Middle: Sylvia Hegarty

Third Place
Austin Shore
An Inevitable Outcome
Dorris-Eaton: Deeni Schoenfeld


5 Responses to “Congratulations!”

  1. fragileperch Says:

    Congratulations to the winners and to all the students who entered the contest! Keep writing!

    Karen Terhune

  2. Sara Says:

    What are honarable mentions and who are getting them?

  3. Lauren Says:

    Will you send a letter commenting or replying back on everybody else’s entry? When?

  4. Fatima Says:

    What will happen at the banquet?

    • lizbooks Says:

      Hi Fatima – We will have a lovely lunch for you, give you your award, share your work and you get to hear a couple of adult authors talk about writing and YOU. There will be a drawing, prizes, awards, a display of your writing, and we’ll take your photo for the newspaper. You get to meet the judges and I personally want to see you again!

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