California Writers Club Mt. Diablo Branch Young Writers Contest

The judging continues. On April 1, we collected the stacks of entries from 6,7, and 8th graders from Contra Costa County. At first, I thought there would be less than last year. Two days AFTER April 1, I visited the post office box and discovered a huge overflowing bin from our club treasurer.
“Surprise!” She smiled at me, placing it in my car.
Yahoo! I did a dance, right then and there in the parking lot. Kids WERE writing after all!

The count is in: nearly 450 manuscripts this year. We set a record! Congratulations all of you fabulous middle schools and students who participated! Keep on writing.

I spent the weekend sorting, typing and dispersing them to the judges. I’m one of the judges in a couple of grades in short stories. This year, the short stories are of higher quality than ever before. Wow! What talent we have in our young people today! Bravo!

The diversity in the stories are amazing too. Who says kids don’t read? These kids HAVE to be readers to be able to write this way.

Of course, this makes our judging more pleasurable but also very difficult. In one grade, we are having difficulty in choosing between two third place possibilities. The essay judges are discovering the same exact situation.

And then if we allow two categories tie places, ALL the judges will demand equal opportunities. I think we need a government bail-out for our contest. . .

And this WOULD be the year we are the most in need of funds. Hmm. Should I stand on Contra Costa Blvd. with a tin cup and my Yorkshire Terrier? Somehow, I don’t think the board would approve. But then, I’m a writer. We writers ARE pretty quirky people . . .


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