Barbie’s Untold Story

This comment from From Coffee Maker, about my previous post regarding Barbie Doll’s 50th Birthday: “Barbie still looks pretty fit and trim for a fifty-year-old.”

You got that right. What do you suppose Barbie DOES all day to look that way? Did she or didn’t she? Did she get something tightened? Or just visit the gym every day of her 50 years? What about her emotional life? Does she have anything going on “upstairs?”

And get a look at her skin. Not a wrinkle in sight. I’m her age, and when I look in the mirror, that’s not what I see . . .

Exercise: Tell me the REAL UNTOLD STORY. What is Barbie’s past? Her present? Write her story through the eyes of: Ken, Midge, Scooter, or even Barbie herself. Or perhaps the same story through different eyes? This could be a hoot!

Keep it to a paragraph or two and I’ll post it here.


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