Time Capsule

50 Years Ago . . . 1959, Kids and parents rushed to buy the hottest thing on the market. Barbie dolls! People tuned their black and white televisions to Bonanza.
Gas rose to a whopping 25 cents per gallon . . .

Exercise: 1. Take your time capsule. Set the dial. What will happen in the future? Write a story set in the future. 50 years from now? 100? You decide when. 2. If you were alive 50 years ago, write about memories from that time period. Where were you living? What were you doing? How old were you? Describe your house, your room, your lifestyle. A typical day? What were some differences between then and now? Share with some younger family members.



One Response to “Time Capsule”

  1. coffee maker Says:

    Barbie still looks pretty fit and trim for a fifty year old

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