Get published in a new zine!

Bread & Circuses is a new zine produced by the members of the Orinda Poetry Project. We welcome submissions of original and unpublished poetry, prose, letters, recipes, reviews, interviews, manifestos, photos, scripts, confessions, paintings, collages, essays, cartoons, found art, and anything else you’d like to contribute. Experimental work is encouraged.

The first issue of Bread & Circuses will be published in March 2009. We review submissions in the order they are received, so submitting sooner is to your advantage.

Submissions should be emailed to breadandcircuseszine(at)gmail(dot)com with “Submission” in the subject line and your full name and phone number in the body of the email.

Attach .doc, .rtf, or .txt files for written work, and .jpgs for artwork. You may include a bio if you like. Artwork should be reproducible in black and white, and nondigital work may be scanned at high resolution or photographed with good lighting and focus. To submit art or writing by postal mail, please email us for guidelines.

You may submit as many things as you like, but keep in mind that we are a small group of people with a relatively small amount of money and aren’t going to publish your 50-page love poem. On a similar note, by submitting to Bread & Circuses, you grant permission for us to publish your work in print and/or online, so do make sure your boyfriend won’t mind that love letter being printed before you send it.

In order to keep the zine free for everyone, we regret that we are unable to pay contributors at this time except with copies and adoration. If we ever start making money, we promise we’ll share it. For now, the printing costs of our first issue are subsidized by a generous grant from Youth Speaks.

Feel free to email us with questions, comments, interesting facts, your favorite kind of candy, and, of course, your submissions. Thanks for your interest!


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