Student Writing Contest – Contra Costa and Alameda, California

23rd Annual California Writers Club
Fifth Grade
A Contest for Fifth Grade Students in Alameda and
Contra Costa Counties
Prizes up to $395

This year we have two important innovations:

We will honor the teacher of the grand prize with a cash award of $50.00, and we will accept an unlimited number of entries rather than the traditional guideline of three per class.

There will be an entry fee of $2.50 per submission. In past years there were two sponsors who contributed cash and printing services. We have not had those sponsors for several years and the members of the writers’ club have been happy to support the contest. Last year the cost of the contest exceeded the total collection of membership dues. We know how teachers and students look forward to the announcement of each year’s contest. The entry fee will allow the club to continue to offer this contest.

Prizes as follows: First place: $100; Second place: $75;
Third place: $50.

Depending on the total number of entries, there will be six to twelve fourth prizes of $20.00.

Preparation of Entries: Stories may be handwritten, typed, or computer printed on one side only of standard 8-1/2×11-inch paper.
+Stories must be original and students’ own work.
+No more than 1000 words in length. Entries cannot be returned.
+Mail on or before March 13, 2009 to: Story Contest, 6801 Wilton Drive
Oakland, CA 94611-1706. Entries will not be accepted directly
from students or parents.
+Write title of story at the top of first page, no author’s name.
+On a cover sheet print clearly: 1) Title of story; 2) Student’s
name; 3) Teacher’s name; 4) School name and address.

Winners will be announced by mid-May. Results will be posted later on CWC may publish stories for educational purposes only.

–Lucille Bellucci, Chairwoman, Fifth Grade Writing Contest,


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