Write a tingling spy story

In 1962 on this date in history, American Francis Gary Powers was released by Russians after being shot down in an airplane and held captive. (Then Americans released a Russian spy.)

Write your own spy story. Read one and “model” after the author. Choose a paragraph or two that you admire and try to mimic the style of prose. What makes it suspenseful? Watch a spy movie. Write a movie script for your story.


3 Responses to “Write a tingling spy story”

  1. Mary Koehler Says:

    I met Francis Gary Powers in the early 70s. I was working in Gimbel’s book department in downtown Milwaukee . He was in the store, just a like an ordinary customer. He didn’t say who he was but asked me about a book he pointed out. It was his book! I was glad I had remembered his name from the news but I’ve always wished I would have had him sign a copy for me!

  2. lizbooks Says:

    Wow! Very cool. Yes, it would have been very neat to have had him sign a copy of his book for you. But what a great experience you had! Thanks for sharing it with us! Liz

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